“For sure we can do something” this where the words Michi told me, when we discussed about our trip to Patagonia! But what means something, this is for every body different for us it was something, that not follow the main stream, something new! Last few years the weather was always good enough for what my partners and i wanted to do, but patagonia is still patagonia and there are dry and snowy years, windy and less windy! May also the Routes are getting harder and the Lines longer you want to climb, may you need more luck then for the “normal things”. So what we could do, 3 times NipoNino, Della S in 4H13min, 6h58min up and down, bouldering, thats it! Was it worth to wait 4 weeks for at least 2 good days, worth to spend holidays waiting and checking the weather? No! Was it worth to go to patagonia? Yes always. This Mountains show you how close succes and failing is, how much we depend on the nature, how much we have to give to reach what we want! Yes its part of alpinism to turn around, to wait and fail! But still nothing can take the desire away for this amazing Mountains! Was it a success? No! Was it fun? Yes a lot! Its not only the summit who counts, its the experience of every Moment you life! See you again Patagonia!!!!!!!!! Thx to all the people who help and support us!!!
(Text: Michi)