One more again. It is 5am and the alarm is ringing. Normaly it’s to early to get up but if you wanna go to the Breitwangfluh you have to. At 6am I meet Nico Jaquet at the car park. We put the chain on and started to drive up this narrow, steep off-road. As usual the car starts to fling and we had to pull it back up to the road.

Breitwangfluh Finaly we managed it and Nico and I started to walk. With the sight of the ice fall you know why you walked all this way up.

BreitwangfluhWith a lot of motivation Nico started to climb up the fist pitch of Tsunamix. I did the second one and then we already reached the big ledge. The ice was amazing and the temperature was perfect. So the first small crux starts. An M8 pitch with great moves on little holes.

Tsunamix / M8 pitchAfter a short break we attack the second mixed pitch and reached the ice stalactite and continued the rest of the ice fall….

Nico Jaquet / Tsunamixready to rock'n roll

Once again a great day at the Breitwangfluh with Nico Jaquet


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